Welcome to the e-QC™ website of PAC.

PAC develops advanced instrumentation for lab and process applications based on strong analytical expertise that ensures optimal performance for our clients. Our analyzers help our clients meet complex industry challenges by providing a low cost of ownership, safe operation, high performance with fast, accurate, and actionable results, high uptime through reliable instrumentation, and compliance with standard methods.

The e-QC™ website is a tool which helps our clients to perform on-line quality control of their instruments. By analyzing PAC reference material number and uploading the results, PAC provides a quality control chart of the client’s instrument and a reference to worldwide results of the same sample as a round robin.

The e-QC™ website also provides the means to upload analysis data for our Performance Monitoring Programs (PMP). The PMP is a round robin whereby the analysis results will be discussed with the participants afterwards.

Analysis results are treated highly confidential and as such are anonymized for use in the global round robin.

The e-QC™ website enables our clients to maintain accurate and actionable results in compliance with standard methods and have documented Quality Control data.

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